Project Title: Did Use of Preventive Services Change After the Affordable Care Act? What Insurance Claims Reveal

Category: Coverage Analysis

CO APCD Scholarship Recipient: Yes

Background: The Affordable Care Act and state policy changes removed consumer cost-sharing for a number of preventive services with the expectation that utilization of these services would increase.

Objective: The goal is to understand the extent to which federal and state policy objectives to increase utilization of preventive services were met.  In addition, CHI seeks to describe the extent to which utilization of these services varies in different regions of the state.

Methodology: The Colorado Health Institute analyzed health insurance claims covering 2009 to 2013 from the Colorado All-Payer Claims Database to measure the change in utilization among a select number of preventive services.

Data Analyzed: Commercial and Medicaid claims for a select number of preventive services between 2009-2013

Results: A significant increase in utilization of the preventive services analyzed does not appear to have occurred.  However, to better understand trends, CHI is still synthesizing the data and will likely revise the project scope.  CHI has most recently analyzed utilization trends for each payer and will be sharing its findings with CIVHC at a later date.

Colorado Health Institute