Project Summary: Analysis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatments and Medications to Identify Best Practices

Category: Outcome/Cost Improvement, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Background: The growing incidence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Colorado and the surrounding border states is a significant cause for concern given the high costs to treat the condition ($12,679-$18,739 annually per patient). This health care stakeholder aims to build a tool that takes a patient’s medical data and compares it to a larger patient cohort in order to compare and contrast different treatment regimens based on cost and effectiveness. To do so, they need to analyze large institutional datasets that contain information on costs, diagnosis, treatments and procedures.

Objective: Develop metrics around medication effectiveness and preventive approaches that will drastically reduce the overall medical costs incurred by IBD patients.

Data Analyzed: All commercial claims data associated with specific IBD procedural codes.


  • Type of Report: Limited dataset
  • Date Fulfilled: