Project Summary: Determine Insurance and Provider Composition Across Colorado

Category: Provider Analysis, Coverage Analysis

Background: Lockton works with employers to manage their employer benefit programs, and with health care systems looking to connect to the employer market. Claims data has the potential to help Lockton better understand the insurance and provider composition of various Colorado geographies and to assist in making appropriate employer/provider connections while encouraging a healthier competitive environment.

Objective: Use data analytics to support direct contracting between employers and providers, and encourage greater health plan activity in selected areas, which would improve cost management.

Data Analyzed: Total charges, allowed, plan paid, and member liability for all claims in the APCD database by county and payer.  In addition, Lockton requested median charges, median allowed amounts, median plan paid, median member paid for the top 25 DRGs by utilization, county, and payer.

Results: In progress.


  • Type of Report: Custom Report
  • Date Fulfilled: July 2, 2014