Project Title: Analyze ED visits for non-traumatic dental services in Colorado

Category: Outcome/Cost Improvement, Dental

CO APCD Scholarship Recipient: Yes

Background:  Studies have shown that, for the U.S. as a whole, per-capita dental ED visits have been increasing; most of these visits are for non-traumatic dental conditions. Frequently, ED providers provide prescriptions for pain or antibiotics for infections, not actual dental treatment. Now that the adult dental benefit under Medicaid has launched and there are many more options for low-income adults to receive dental care in a more cost-effective manner.

Objective: To devise a plan in collaboration with stakeholders to assist ED patients with referrals to dental clinics for appropriate care and devise messaging to prevent accessing EDs to begin with.  To accomplish these goals, it’s important to understand the Colorado-specific data by geographic area.

Data Analyzed: 2011-2013 dental codes for patients by age, county, and line of business.

Results: In progress