Project Summary: Hospital Bundled Payment Opportunity Analysis

Category: Bundled Payments, Payment Reform

Background: Currently very little data exists to address provider and facility concerns about participating in alternative payment models.

Objective: Provide analysis to encourage hospitals to pursue payment alternatives to fee-for-service models. Additionally, to support innovative, aligned models that promote improved population health outcomes, care delivery, and patient experience consistent with the principles of the Triple Aim.

Data Analyzed: Commercial and Medicaid data from 2009-2011 to examine utilization trends across CO hospitals.

Results: This non-profit was able to display statewide average cumulative costs for medical and surgical episodes over a 90-day period, including the anchor admission.  Plus, they were also able to summarize overall patterns of utilization across hospital categories.

  • Type of Report: Limited dataset
  • Date Fulfilled: September 19, 2014