Project Title: Bundled Payments for Palliative Care in Colorado

Category: Medicaid, Outcome/Cost Improvement

Background: Colorado has significant gaps in palliative care services for those with serious illnesses. Primary among the barriers to palliative care is the lack of reimbursement covering the cost of palliative care teams.

Objective: The pilot was focused on patients with severe illnesses who were eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. Claims for patients who participated in the pilot will be analyzed during the six-month period prior to the intervention, during the intervention, and six months after the intervention. Results will be compared to a control group of similar patients who did not receive palliative care services. Any cost savings will be reduced by the cost of the intervention to determine net savings. Outcomes of the study may be useful to support more widespread adoption of bundled payments for palliative care services across Colorado.

Data Analyzed: Medicaid and Medicare Advantage dual eligible.

Results: In Progress