Project Summary: Impact Study of Project Angel Heart’s Home-Delivered Meals

Category: Outcome/Cost Improvement

Background:Evidence indicates that malnutrition puts chronically ill patients at increased risk for complications, and that improved nutrition can improve health outcomes. Yet, there is a lack of literature examining the impact of home-delivered meals on chronically-ill individuals. Project Angel Heart is looking to study the quantifiable impact that customized home-delivered meals have on health care costs. Through this study, Project Angel Heart hopes to examine the cost patterns of clients prior to service, during service, and post- service, as well as compare cost and utilization to that of a control group using claims data. We expect that the results of this study will help define the relationship between customized nutrition and the overall health and well-being of individuals.

Objective: To determine if people who receive Project Angel Heart’s home-delivered meals have reduced healthcare expenditures in comparison to those that do not receive services.

Data Analyzed: APCD claims data for Project Angel Heart patient population.  This includes all claims for those patients to include pharmacy claims.

Results: In progress.

Project Angel Heart